Gentoo’s Founding Father Set to Return

It looks like Daniel Robbins – the guy that founded the Gentoo Linux distribution – may soon be on his way back to Gentoo. Robbins left Gentoo a few years back, did a brief stint at Microsoft for a time and for the most part has remained at arm’s length from Gentoo.

The Gentoo Foundation has had some ‘legal’ issues lately so Robbins has offered to step in and restore confidence and leadership for the Foundation.

If the current trustees accept this offer, they are basically
handing the leadership of the Foundation over to me and the trustees
that I will choose. If I return as President, I will preserve
the not-for-profit aspect of Gentoo. Beyond this, you can expect
everything to be very, very different than how things are today.

This could be a VERY good ting for Gentoo which has stumbled a bit lately. Overall Gentoo is a fantastic distribution that is very different from the  Red Hat, Novell or Debian in alot of ways. Lately Sabayon Linux which is based on Gentoo has picked up some momentum – so it looked for a time that it could be like the Ubuntu / Debian situation (where Ubuntu is based on Debian; Debian faltered a bit and Ubuntu picked up massive share). It will be interesting to see how Robbins offer is perceived in the community and if Gentoo will emerge (pun intended) a more successful distribution.

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