Gnash 0.8.9 advances open source Flash


From the ‘Open Media Now!’ files:

Apple isn’t the only group that has trouble with Adobe’s Flash. The open source community, and specifically the Free Software Foundation (FSF) have issues too, though the FSF’s issues are around openness.

I first wrote about Gnash back in 2006, when the FSF helped to get the effort going. Gnash is a GPL licensed implementation of a Flash player. The first beta for Gnash came two years later in 2008. Gnash plays SWF (Shockwave Flash) files and is available as both a standalone player and as a browser plug-in for Firefox, Chrome and Konqueror.

The new 0.8.9 release improves on the usability and stability of the platform.

Among the changes are fixed for playback of uncommon MPEG4 streams and SWF-embedded ADPCM audio when using GStreamer. The release also fixes playback of SWF-embedded PCM audio when using FFMPEG.

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