GNOME 2.28 previews new Linux shell

From ‘Evolution of the Linux Desktop‘ files:

GNOME 2.28 is out today, bringing with it a bunch of improvements to its Linux desktop GUI.

It’s got better and more integrated support for Bluetooth devices, improved sound control,  an improved time tracker and overall improved ‘fit and finish.’

The thing that has really caught my eye though is the future of GNOME which this release hints at. Included in 2.28 is the preview release of the GNOME shell which is a different type of desktop interface. It’s not quite a ‘shell’ in the traditional *nix sense and it’s not exactly a regular desktop GUI either.

“GNOME Shell features an innovative new user interface using the power
of a composited desktop,” the GNOME release notes state. “GNOME Shell makes it easy to add additional
workspaces, start frequently-used applications and access your
most-used files and documents.”

I don’t have it running on my own test box (yet) but the screenshot as shown on has me interested.

Could this be the ‘defining’ visual feature of GNOME 3?

GNOME developers have not yet officially decided whether the next GNOME release, currently known as GNOME 2.30 and due out in six months will in fact be re-named GNOME 3 or not. The naming decision is expected in November.

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