Goodbye Mozilla Weave. Hello Firefox Sync 1.3

From the ‘Weaving the Web‘ files:

Mozilla Weave is no more — at least in name.

Firefox Sync 1.3 is now available, marking the official shift in name from Mozilla Weave, which had been the name of the application since it was created in 2007.

Weave started out as a Mozilla add-on for Firefox that was intended to provide a Mozilla services backend. The initial target of that services backend was data synchronization and now with the 1.3 release, synchronization or Sync is the name of the app as well.

I personally like the name Weave and I liked that broader Mozilla services approach that the Weave project first promised. That said, from a practical usage point of view, I have relied on Weave as part of my daily workflow for over a year at this point. I move between machines (and operating systems) often and regularly over the course of a day and Weave is the tool that stitches my browsing activities together.

So what’s new in Firefox Sync 1.3?

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