Google Chrome gets bookmark manager

From the “wasn’t that there already?” files:

Regular Google Chrome users to date have often boasted about Chrome’s speed, but you’ve likely never seen any boast about its ability to handle bookmarks. That’s because until today’s update to Google Chrome, Google’s browser had somewhat ‘limited’ bookmark manageability.

The new bookmark manager has import/export functionality as well as search, folder creation and drag/drop for management of the bookmarks.

On the security front Google Chrome has at least two important new updates. For one, all all configuration options for external service data are now in one menu in the Under the Hood tab. Google has also provided a security fix for an XHR (XML over HTTP Request) issue.

“This release fixes an issue with downloaded HTML files being able to 
read other files on your computer and send them to sites on the Internet,” Matt Larson Google Chrome Program manager wrote. “We now prevent local files from connecting to the network
with XMLHttpRequest() and also prompt you to confirm a download if it
is an HTML file.”

That’s a scary bug – and sounds a whole lot like a derivative of the drive-by carpet bomb thing that Aviv Raff found with Safari earlier this year (but it’s not).

Oh and on top of the bookmark and security changes – Google also updated their browser’s JavaScript engine V8  (the root of Chrome’s speed)  to version So faster, more features and maybe more secure too. Google isn’t pulling any punches on Chrome is it?

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