Google Chrome 12 now in dev

From the ‘Firefox 4? IE 9 ? Our Browser is a 12!’ files:

True to form, Google is upping the version number for its browser – with a new dev-channel release for Chrome 12 (technically 12.0.712.0).

This is the first Chrome 12 in the dev-channel, though the number of changes are few — that are user visible at least. Sure there is a new V8 JavaScript engine, then again Google revs V8 multiple times inside of a Chrome release cycle.

There is also a new Tab Multi-Select feature which according to Google, provides,”the ability to select multiple tabs, using the ctrl key, and applying actions (e.g. reload) to them all.”

Then of course there is the stuff that we can’t see.

“This release contains lots of behind the scenes work (code cleanup and refactorings) in addition to numerous crash and regression fixes,” the Chrome 12.0.712.0 release notes state.

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