Google Chrome fixes cursor crashes

From the ‘in the event of a browser crash..” files:

Google is updating its Chrome browser to version (that’s the dev-channel release) to fix a pair of crash conditions.  One of them was triggered by the Safe Browsing phishing filter -the other by a cursor…

* [r7891] Fixes a crash related to Safe Browsing and our handling of SQLite(Issue: 6312)

* [r8034] Fixes a cursor related issue that was causing to crash (Issue: 6259)

The cursor issue is particularly interesting to me. The actual bug report has a tonne of detail on this, but in a nutshell a custom cursor that gets created by WebKit (Chrome’s rendering engine) is to blame for the crash that is now fixed. Goes to show you that even the smallest things – like a cursor – can be at the root of browser errors.

The release comes about a week after the release, the first in the 2.x series for the dev-channel version of Chrome.

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