Google Chrome removes eye candy


From the ‘awwwwwwwwwww that’s too bad‘ files:

There aren’t too many Easter Eggs in Google Chrome, but one of the most well known ones is being removed in the new Chrome dev-channel release. The about:internets (try it out on a pre- Chrome release) which has a cool snafu animation of the ‘tubes’ that make up the internets.

The reason why Google Chrome devs are removing the egg though is very telling of the direction that Chrome is headed.

[r8283] Remove the about:internets page. It interferes with porting to Mac and Linux. No moar tubez. kthxbai.

So, Google is further tightening up Chrome to get it ready for Mac and Linux! Too bad the tubes had to go, but hey maybe we should be looking for something else….

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