Google Chrome gives V8 a boost

From the ‘high octane‘ files:

Google is updating its Chrome  dev-channel browser to version 2.0.160 with a long list of fixes and improvements. At the top of the list (in my view at least) is the version of the V8 JavaScript engine which includes a new regular expression engine called Irregexp. Google claims it’s faster and I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces myself.

The release also provides formal support in Chrome for User Agent spoofing!
I know!! Sounds nuts doesn’t it?
But it does make sense when you dig into it.

Google is letting users spoof other browsers in order to work. This is an issue that I wrote about a few weeks back that was particularly dealing with Microsoft’s Hotmail service. Here’s the Chromium entry for the fix:

Add support for UA spoofing, and spoof Safari’s UA string when loading URLs from * (to fix hotmail).

It’s an interesting workaround but sure would make more sense I suppose for Microsoft simply to acknowledge and support Chrome.

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