Google Chrome adds full screen support

From the ‘spot the missing feature‘ files:

Google is out with the update to its Chrome web browser dev-channel version, adding several new features. Among them is one that I frankly hadn’t actually noticed was missing (but it was) – full screen support.
That’s right friends, you can now for the first time do full screen on Google Chrome with this new dev-channel update.

Beyond that, Chrome now supports HTTP authentication over a keep-alive connection – something that Chrome’s release notes indicate are required for NTLM authentication.

Additionally malware reporting gets a boost in Chrome

The improved feature in Chrome will now report on more suspected malware instances. According to Google’s code entry:

Any malware resource that we detect on a page is reported if
the page that contains it is not in the blacklist AND the user
has opted in to reporting stats.

Looks like another solid week of progress for Chrome development. This is one project that sure seems to have be moving fast on Windows at least. There is still no Mac or Linux version publicly available for Google Chrome.

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