Google Chrome updates Tab functionality

From the ‘tabs are still very cool‘ files:

Google has updates its leading edge dev-channel edition of the Chrome web browser to version The new release has three significant updates, two of which deal with how the browser tabs behaviors.

When Google Chrome users start up a new tab they get a page showing their most visited URLs as thumbnails. Apparently some users want the ability to modify that page. As such, Chrome now gives users the rudimentary ability to remove the  thumbnails from the New Tab Page. Personally, I like the most visited thumbnails new page, but the ability to move them around a bit is definitely something I’m interested in.

Chrome has also added something I’ve never seen before in terms of tab behavior on any browser — the ability to undo a Tab close. That’s awesome in my view. I’ve closed tabs by accident plenty of times (usually because I have too many open tabs). The ability to have a simple menu item to easily enable users to recover a lost tab is a simple but very useful feature.

There is also a really key security fix in Chrome According to Google, “It is no longer possible to cut or copy from a password text-field.”

That’s a critical in my view. If a password text-field (even if it’s obfuscated) can be copied, that leaves the possibility open for a password disclosure issue and a possible XSS attack vector.

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