Google Chrome 3.0.192.x gets better on Linux, Mac

From the ‘isn’t this now an OS?‘ files:

Amidst all the excitement yesterday of the Google Chrome OS announcement, Google slipped out a new update to it Chrome browser. Let’s not forget, that Chrome as a real product, right now is just a browser – and one that isn’t’ yet even stable on Linux.

Google is however working at improving Chrome on Linux, which makes sense considering that Chrome OS is after all, set to be a Linux OS.

Chrome 3.0.192.x fixes a number of items across Windows, Mac and Linux versions. The new version continues Chrome march toward full extension support with at least one key bug fix

Linux users will now get their initial taste of GTK theme support (enabling a smoother integration with the look of a users desktop). Mostly though, this looks to me to be a bug fix heavy release.

On Linux for example there is a bug fixed where according to Google’s release noted, “…users were getting a resize cursor near the top the web content area.”

In total the release notes peg four specific LInux release fixes as well as four for Mac release fixing stability and bug issues.

For the Linux version, I would expect that with Chrome OS now a declared initiative from Google, we will see more aggressive development – at least towards Windows parity for stability. Both the Linux and Mac version of Chrome are not yet available in the stable-channel and are currently only available as dev-channel releases.

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