Google Chrome gets Extensions update

From the ‘not far now‘ files:

Google Chrome doesn’t have Extensions support yet does it? Actually it does, if you’re running the dev-channel version.

The new release has an auto-update mechanism powered by Google Omaha (similar to how Chrome itself gets updated). Firefox users don’t have Omaha, but they have the option of choosing to check (and update) their Add-ons. The Chrome approach will be more transparent and behind the scenes requiring little (if any) user interaction (Firefox users still have to actually click something to update).

Overall, Google notes that it is making progress on Extensions for Chrome though they are not yet complete.

“While the system is not yet complete, we’ve noticed that a lot of you
have started creating and installing extensions for daily use,” Aaron Boodman, Software Engineer blogged. “This is
really encouraging, and it motivates us to quickly finish things up, to
enable extensions by default on all Google Chrome releases.”

It also looks like the final extensions release will also have a gallery system showing off all the different extensions as well (which makes sense since how else would you find them all?).

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