Google Chrome 3.0.197.x fixes Linux plugins

From the ‘seems stable to me‘ files:

There still isn’t a stable release of Google’s Chrome browser for either Linux or Mac users, but Google is getting closer with the Chrome 3.0.197.x dev-channel release.

Chrome 3.9.197.x fixes at least three different issues related to plugins, that were affecting the Linux version of Chrome. Google has also fixed a really frustrating bug (in my opinion as a user) that had previously caused Gmail to hang and/or crash when using Chrome for Linux. Mac users also get a number of fixes for common crashes.

With the Gmail fix, Chrome on Linux is now a usable browser for me. No I’m not saying it will replace Firefox as my default, but at least now I have that choice.

I haven’t yet seen an indication of when Google will promote Chrome to a beta release for Mac and Linux, but in my opinion, that could come at any arbitrary point now. The Linux version has matured over the last few point releases and I can now keep it open for a full day of browsing without it crashing/hanging – that’s a big step from where it started in June.

Considering that Chrome OS, is set to be a Linux based distribution – it makes sense that Google has invested its engineering resources into getting the Linux version of Chrome in order.  Chrome for Linux and Mac is not yet at the same level of maturity and stability as Chrome for Windows – but it’s getting there.

Windows users for Chrome 3.0.197.x actually get at least one item that isn’t in the Linux or Mac versions – yet. That is the first crack at the Google’s Extensions installation prompt. Extensions are nearly done for Chrome on Windows and having an installation screen is a critical step towards making them available and consumable by beta and stable users.

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