Google Chrome updates for A/V and Bing

From the ‘Second Update This Week’ files:

Users of Google Chrome dev-channel edition are used to weekly updates. This week, users have now received two updates, the first including new syncing tech marking the debut of the 4.x series and now a second update with version

The update includes fixes for at least 12, HTML 5 video and audio tag issues.

There is also a fix for a bug that causes issues when trying to import bookmarks from Firefox 3.1 (beta) and 3.5 browsers.

On the strange but true, side of things there is a fix for a bug to change the search entry for Microsoft’s Live Search to Microsoft’s new Bing service.

“Changes Live Search to Bing for en_US only,” Google’s revision notes. “A full worldwide review is in progress and we’ll pick up the other countries eventually.”

So yes, Google Chrome is trying to play nice with other search services, even Bing.

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