Google Chrome 4 Beta debuts including bookmark sync

From the ‘Delicious Feature‘ files:

Google’s Chrome 4 web browser is now in Beta. Chrome 4 has been in the dev-channel cycle since August and has one key differentiating feature over its predecessors in the Chrome 3 browser series, bookmark syncing.

Google has three main releases for Chrome, dev, beta and stable channel. The move into the beta channel for Chrome 4 means it’s getting ready for prime time.

Back in August, I had some issue with the bookmarking syncing feature which wasn’t really well integrated with either Google’s online services or with Chrome itself. That was months ago, and Google has since improved the whole process.

“Once you’ve activated Google Chrome bookmark sync on each of your computers, any changes you make to your bookmarks will appear on all synced computers in just a few seconds,” Google engineers wrote in a blog post.

The synchronization leverages Google’s XMPP (that’s the same protocol used by Jabber and Google Talk) assets to synchronize bookmarks.

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