Google Chrome development slows to fix bugs

From the ‘Rapid Release Cycles’ files:

Since its first release a year ago, Google’s Chrome browser has been updated at a rapid pace — perhaps too rapid.

This week, Chrome developer Anthony Laforge issued a ‘Code Yellow’ alert and put all Chrome developer releases on hold, until some high priority bugs could be fixed.

The problem was the number of un-touched P0 bugs that were in Google Chrome bug tracking system. A P0 is supposed to be the highest priority bug and could considered serious enough to be a release blocker. According to Laforge, 10 bugs were labeled as P0 that had not been worked on by developers in over five days.

After issuing the Code Yellow, further examination revealed that in fact many of the P0’s were in fact mis-categorized. As such, Google developers have demoted many of them to a P1 status.

In a follow-up message to his Code Yellow alert Laforge wrote on a Google mailing list:

“Since all of the open issues have owners and are all actively being worked 
on I’m lifting the code yellow status,” Laforge wrote. “The embargo on the dev channel for 
this week will also be release as soon as the remaining issues are resolved.”

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