Google Chrome gets 64-bit version, but only for Linux

From the ‘32-bit Still Rules‘ files:

A 64-bit version of the Google Chrome browser is now ready, but Windows users will still have some time to wait for their version.

In a mailing list posting this week, Chrome developer Dean McNamee wrote that the Google v8 JavaScript team have working on a 64-bit port. There are now full instructions on the Google Code wiki for Chromium on how to build Chrome for 64-bit Linux.

Additionally there is now a native 64-bit (amd64) build available to Ubuntu users, by way of an Ubuntu Launchpad PPA (Personal Package Archive).

This is good news for 64-bit Linux users.

It could also signal a potential direction for Chrome OS as an operating systems that will be 64-bit capable out of the box. Though, I’m not sure that 64-bit is a major issue for Chrome OS, since the way I understand it is that it’s initially targeting netbooks which are not known for their 64-bit processors.

What about Windows?

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