Google Chrome gets Microsoft Silverlight fix

From the “automatic updates are fun” files:

Google has updated its dev channel version of the Chrome browser to version This is mostly a stability and bug fix release with no functionality updates according to Google Chrome Program Manager Mark Larson. BUT, if you look closely at the release notes,  there is an important bug fix for an issue with how Chrome deals with Microsoft Silverlight.

Issue #4691  is titled, “The context menu does not show up in a windowless Silverlight plugin.”

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
We expect to see the context menu show up. Instead nothing happens.

Yes, this is a small issue, but one that is important to note for a few reasons. For one, Google is taking Microsoft Silverlight support seriously – to the extent that it will fix bugs in Chrome to make Silverlight work properly. The flaw that Chrome had experienceed with Silverlight was not present in Firefox 3.x either.

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