Google Chrome gets Silverlight support on Macs

From the ‘It’s Not Just an OS‘ files:

Google’s Chrome, that’s Chrome the browser, not the OS (which is really just the browser with a Linux shim) has been updated to version for its dev-channel release.

And no, that’s not the same build in that was in the public milestone Chromium OS last week. On the surface the new Chrome looks like a typical Chrome bug fix release, which occur (nearly) every week.

Digging into the actual release, reveals at least one key bug fix for an item that could also show the future Chrome OS as being a haven for all media plug-ins, even those from rival Microsoft.

Chrome addresses at least three different issues related to Microsoft Silverlight support in Chrome running on a Mac. Silverlight is Microsoft’s media framework for rich media content delivery.

That’s interesting for a number of reasons.

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