Google Chrome graduates to beta on Linux and Mac

From the ‘Does It Matter?‘ files:

Six months ago, Google began its official publicly available effort to land the Chrome browser on Apple Macs and Linux computers.

At first the Linux and Mac builds were barely usable with no plug-in or printing support and frequent crashes. In my own personal experience on Linux, Chrome-dev has become very stable and has been for months.

For those of us that have been growing along with the dev-channel releases, the beta release is nothing new. What the beta signifies is a maturation of the tech to a level that Windows users have enjoyed for a year.

For Chrome, Beta means it’s (almost) ready for prime time users, but not quite ready for absolutely everyone. Google has a three tier dev process for Chrome with a stable, beta and dev channel. The dev-channel is the fastest moving (and quickest to break) and it’s the one that I’ll be sticking with and I suspect many Linux users, that are used to rapid updates, will too.

Mac users are often a bit different than typical Linux users (though there is also some overlap).

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