Google Chrome jumps from to


From the “read Andy Patrizio’s story first then come back” files:

So Google Chrome is finally out of beta. From a detailed point of view this means that my version of Chrome (stable) jumped from all the way to non-beta version. That’s quite a jump.

But on the dev-channel version of Chrome, I’m still at version (the one I wrote about earlier this week with the Hotmail fix). That’s kind of strange isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you expect that the dev-channel would be first to be out of Beta? (Just as a reminder, Google offers two versions of Chrome, dev-channel and stable). The details of why Google hasn’t officially moved its dev-channel users to version 1.x are detailed by Google Chrome Program Manager Matt Larson.

Note to
Dev channel users: The Dev channel release will stay at,” Larson wrote. “The
current stable release is the same as the current Dev channel release
without the Hotmail fix (which hasn’t been tested enough to release to
all users). An update is coming next week.”

So what does that mean? It means that Google Chrome 1.x non-beta doesn’t work with Hotmail as it should.

It also means that Google has done a little magic with its numbering system for Chrome in my opinion. Unless I’m totally wrong Google Chrome dev actually has more fixes in it than Google Chrome stable It also means that Google has taken a product out of Beta without first making sure it had a Linux version available.

Don’t get me wrong Google Chrome is one awesome browser. But just don’t forget that even though Google has declared it out of beta and now has a 1.x release there are still a lot of bugs to fix.

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