Google Chrome version fixes plugins (again)

From the “developers always have the best stuff first” files:

Google is updating it’s mainline Chrome users today with its Chrome update. The update is the first major update for mainline Chrome users since the release. So yeaah that’s a big jump in numbers between releases.

But if you’ve been running the Developer channel version of Chrome – this is old news to you since Google updated you weeks ago.

“This release fixes the top issues we’ve heard about from people using
the Beta release, especially with plugins (the programs that show
video on sites like YouTube), Mark Larson, Google Chrome Program Manager wrote in a mailing list posting. “This is a roll up of fixes that have perviously been released to our Dev channel users.”

Confused? You see Google has at least two public versions of Chrome (main and developer) and you can choose which update stream you’re on – but the choice isn’t one you can make directly in the browser (that would just be toooo easy). Instead if you want the faster updating developer version of Chrome you need to download and run the Google Chrome Channel Chooser ( 

But wait it gets more confusing!

The main release is actually a bit ahead of the developer release (by a day). The current developer release is

Developer edition users are getting an update tomorrow (Oct 31) and Larson notes:

“Despite the difference in version numbers, the only
difference between 154.6 and 154.9 is translated strings. 154.9 
includes translations into 42 languages for all new strings (like ‘Add
to dictionary…).

Soooooo…most of the time Chrome developer edition is updated faster but not always. Go figure.

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