Google Chrome’s Pinocchio feature

did Google build Chrome? Call it the Pinocchio syndrome. You see Google
just wants its web apps to feel like web apps – just like Pinocchio
just wanted to be a ‘real’ boy.

That’s what Google’s goal is with Chrome. In a webcast session at the Googleplex
Ben Goodger (yes that Ben Goodger the former bigshot at Mozilla) noted
that Google thought long and hard about making a User Interface that
makes the browser better for applications – things like email and

 “What we realized is some of the user interface not relevant,” Goodger said.

Forward and back buttons as well as reload buttons
for example are things not needed for many web based applications. So
Google Chrome has an App view window which strip out the browser
elements not needed.

To me that seems like a replica (as a concept) of Mozilla’s Prizm.

Google however isn’t intent on making Chrome THE platform for running Google Apps, at least that the official responce from Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

“We think with Chrome they {Apps} will bridge that divide so you’ll be able to do more online,” Brin said. “Also expect that
Chrome – just an initial beta now  – but this is just step one – we think that we
and the open source community can evolve it to be even more robust and powerful for
the web.”

Real boy indeed.

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