Google Fixes Chrome

From the ‘update now‘ files:

Google has updated its Chrome browser dev-channel edition to version The new release comes just days after the release which had over 150 bug fixes.

All told what it means to Chrome users is that Chrome today is a lot better than it was a week ago. At the top of the list for me is a new version of V8 — that’s Chrome’s speedy JavaScript engine. Google also claims it has made improvements to the full screen mode that first appeared in the release a few weeks ago.

On the more minor — but still interesting side of things the releases adds even more support for EV-SSL (extended validation) certificates with support for the SwissSign Gold CA – G2 root certificate authority and the DigiNotar root certificate authority.

Even with the bug and stability fixes in the latest version of Chrome, does not yet have one key feature that Google is still working on — Add On/Extension support.  Oh and there is still isn’t a Mac or Linux version either.

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