Google, groups launching members-only security forum

**UPDATED:** WASHINGTON — In the next couple weeks, security researchers, representatives from government agencies and major tech firms such as Google are planning to launch a collaborative security forum to combat malware and fraud on the Web.

The only catch? It’s members only.

“This is closed community — membership needs to be approved by existing members,” said Google’s Eric Davis, who holds the title of head of anti-malvertising with the search giant.

In addition to Google, the Internet Security Community will draw participation from Microsoft, Cisco, Xerox PARC, representatives of the Federal Trade Commission and others.

Davis made the announcement Wednesday at the FTC’s fraud forum, where representatives from Microsoft, eBay and Verizon all stressed the need for partnerships — both within the IT industry and with law enforcement, associations and others — in the fight against Internet security threats.

In that spirit, the Internet Security Community aims “to enable people in the private sector, public sector, law enforcement, government security vendors to easily find and share information with trusted contacts,” Davis said.

Davis was not a member of the panel discussion at the FTC, but made the announcement as a plant in the audience.

Google is part of the core group developing the site, but the project is launching under the auspices of the Fighting Modern Malware Working Group, an annual security gathering organized by the Santa Fe Institute.

Davis invited interested parties to request membership at, which redirects to a Google spreadsheet.

*Update clarifies Google’s role as one of the core members of the group, rather than its leader. From Eric Davis:*

“To be clear, this is a joint effort, not a Google project. The Internet Security Community is a project of the Fighting Modern Malware Working Group, a cross-industry group which includes representatives from government agencies like the FTC as well as technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and others. Google is contributing to the development of the site, but ultimately it is a collaborative effort.”

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