Google Serendipity is coming (maybe)

From ‘Autonomous Computing’ files:

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google sees a very bright future for his search company. During a webcast keynote yesterday the the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Schmidt talked briefly about where search is headed and a possible future ‘Serendipity’ engine.

The Serendipity engine is all about autonomous search – something that Schmidt described as searches that are occurring even while a user is not actively searching

“Tell me things that I don’t know that I would be interested in,” Schmidt said. “Think of it as a serendipity engine — think of it as a new way of thinking about traditional text search where you don’t even have to type.”

Serendipity would be the step beyond Google’s new Instant Search which requires a user to start to type a query while Google does its magic attempting to complete the query while delivering search results all at the same time.

A Serendipity engine is the stuff of SciFi  (think Minority Report and the ads that were catered to people walking by) for now, but the fact that Google is publicly thinking about it, might mean that it could be reality sooner rather than later.

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