Google Turns on IPv6 for YouTube. Does It Matter?

From the ‘Coming IPv4 Apocalypse‘ files:

I’ve written my fair share of stories about how IPv4 address space is nearly exhausted and why IPv6 is necessary. At this point there is less than two years worth of IPv4 address space left.

Yet despite that looming IPv4 Armageddon, many (if not most) of the major sites that everday users enjoy have not been available over a native IPv6 connection. Late Friday, Google changed that a bit by opening up YouTube for IPv6.

While I personally think it’s great that YouTube is now available for native IPv6 connections, it raises more questions than it answers.

For one, why now? Google has had search on IPv6 for nearly two years, why did it take until now to put up YouTube on IPv6?  Does that mean that IPv6 users to date weren’t worthy of Google’s YouTube goodness?

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