Google’s Chrome browser updated for security fixes

From the ‘Auto-Update‘ files:

Google is updating the stable version of its Chrome browser to version

The new release fixes two security issues and addresses a number of stability issues including a top crash condition and a bug that could have consumed 100 percent of a user’s CPU.

On the security side, one of the fixed flaws deals with executable JavaScript warnings, or rather a lack thereof.

“The user was not warned about certain possibly dangerous file types such as SVG, MHT and XML files,” Anthony Laforge Google Chrome Program Manager wrote in a blog post. “In some browsers, JavaScript can execute within these types of files. Because the JavaScript runs in the local context, it may be able to access local resources.”

The other security issue fixed in Chrome is a memory corruption condition in the Gears plugin. Gears (formerly known as Google Gears) is Google’s attempt at providing offline storage for website information.

Chrome also fixes what I consider to be a very serious bug that could have eaten up 100 percent of a user’s CPU.

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