Happy 1 year anniversary to Netstat -vat

From the ‘time flies‘ files:

It was just over a year ago that this blog (Netstat-vat) was launched.

Time sure does fly.

Officially launched on February 8, 2008 – this blog has had over 400 posts and over 1,100 comments over the last 53 weeks.

It’s been a great ride.

First off I want to thank the management at InternetNews.com and its parent company Jupitermedia for providing me with this soapbox on which to blog my tech opinions.

Perhaps more importantly, I want to thank you.

Yes YOU dear reader. It is you out there reading this blog and commenting on the posts that make this endeavor worthwhile and rewarding.

So thanks for your patronage and please keep reading and commenting, the next 52 weeks of netstat-vat are ahead.

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