Happy Birthday Google Chrome! You’re growing up fast

From the ‘Birthday’ files:

It was one year ago today that Google Chrome was officially launched. In that time, Google has removed the Beta tag and moved from a version 0.x to a 4.x dev version.

Google has been putting out releases on the dev side fairly regularly (nearly one a week) since the browser’s launch, but is still growing. A year after the official launch of Google Chrome, it isn’t perfect and it has more work yet to be done.

Among the items that Google promised us a year ago were Linux and Mac versions. Today we’ve got dev versions for both platforms, but no stable release.

A year ago, I personally was also looking forward to Google add-ons/extensions, which are not yet part of the main Chrome release either. They are coming though, and the dev channel versions have the key infrastructure in place so it’s just a matter of time (I’d guess weeks not months).

We also have not yet seen the full integration of Chrome with Google’s Apps or cloud efforts. Though again this is coming. Bookmark syncing is now part of the dev-channel browser too.

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