Heartland breach indictment is heartwarming for 130 million people

From the ‘Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200‘ files:

How does one man in Florida (along with two co-conspirators in Russia) steal 130 million credit numbers?

It all starts with a trojan and a SQL injection attack that creates a back-door.  Yes there are problems with technology security. In my view though, there is a more important message to the story.

The fact that one man could be the ringleader for such massive fraud is staggering, but the fact that the U.S Justice system and law enforcement found and caught the perpetrator is a key point. The key message is that cyber-criminals can and will be brought to justice and the Internet isn’t a place to hide.

“In a two-count indictment alleging conspiracy and conspiracy to engage
in wire fraud, Gonzalez, AKA “segvec,” “soupnazi” and “j4guar17,” is
charged, along with two unnamed co-conspirators, with using a
sophisticated hacking technique called an “SQL injection attack,” which
seeks to exploit computer networks by finding a way around the
network’s firewall to steal credit and debit card information,” the U.S Justice department said in a statement.

Gonzalez hacked Heartland Payment
Systems, 7-Eleven Inc., a
Texas-based nationwide convenience store chain; and Hannaford Brothers
Co. Inc., a Maine-based supermarket chain. The Justice Department calls the indictment, the largest alleged credit and debit card data breach ever charged in the United States.

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