Hey Google, What’s Going on with Jotspot?


As my colleague David Needle reported over on the main InternetNews.com site today, Google has now launched Google Sites.

Google Sites was built with Jotspot technology that Google acquired with the Jotspot acquisition in October 2006.

Google Sites is interesting news.

The only problem is – What about existing Jotspot users?

Today, nearly a year and a half after Google acquired Jotpsot, the same temporary page (shown left) is up at jot.com.

I asked Google about their plans for Jotspot back in December, at that time they said to wait and see.

Well we’ve waited (and unless I’ve missed something) we still don’t see. Sure we see Google Sites, but Jotspot itself remains untouched.

To add further insult to injury Google has not publicly responded to its own Jotspot users about what is going on in terms of a migration path. There is an unanswered thread in Google’s own public Jotspot help forums where one user asks:

what’s migration path? Help, please. Anyone out there at Google

reading this? Might be good time to chime in.

To be perfectly fair I have not directly contacted Google today to ask about plans for Jotspot migration – but hey  while I think it’s great if they’d give an answer to the press, it’s probably in Google’s best interests to answer its users first.
**UPDATE FEB 29** It looks like Google still hasn’t responded in the Jotspot forums – but they have blogged on Jotspot migrations (just a little)

We’re just finishing up the code to migrate existing JotSpot customer
wikis to Google sites, so if you’re already a JotSpot customer, you’ll
be hearing from us soon on how to make the switch.

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