How ‘Unemployable’ Are U.S. IT Pros Really?

Comments that U.S. tech employees are overpriced and outclassed by their outsourced alternatives continue to fuel the flames of a controversial topic.

How much truth is there in claims that U.S. tech grads are “unemployable,” or in the assertions that offshore outsourcing firms employ workers who are more efficient because they’re more focused on learning new technology than on self-indulgent lifestyles?

Datamation sits down with experts in the field and takes a look at the stereotypes and the reality surrounding the U.S. tech professional and their IT career prospects today.

American dominance of technology continues unabated, as giants like Microsoft, Google and IBM shape the landscape with big ideas and big dollars. Yet one species in this thriving landscape is clearly beleaguered: the American IT worker.

His challenges are numerous. A brutal recession makes hollowed-out companies hesitant to hire. Wages are stagnant. Well-educated H1B visa holders are happy to work for less. A multi-year trend toward IT outsourcing means emerging market talent is just an email away.

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IT Outsourcing and the “Unemployable” US Tech Professional

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