I’m calling this race early

Let the other chumps watch all night. I’m calling the race now. The victor? CNN.

Yep, CNN wins the election coverage race. How come? They have holograms. Holograms!

Have a look:

Okay, she’s not really a hologram. Or is she? I have very little information on this technology at the moment. And yes, it seems very cheesy, what with the “beaming in” animation — and Wolf’s seemingly transparent attempts to avoid looking like he’s looking at a monitor.

Or is ol’ Wolf somehow actually seeing the “hologram” in front of him? It’s all very mysterious. Mysterious, cheesy and wonderful.

UPDATE: More info on the setup [here](http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/2008-10-29-election-presidential-technology-cnn_N.htm) from USAToday.com.

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