In the News there is no truth

It was my vacation last week, but the first thing I did on Monday morning was search for live feeds of the Apple World Wide Developer Conference. After all, I’d heard the rumors of a $199 price tag for the iPhone for weeks in advance.

While our intrepid west coast bureau chief Dave Needle was there, pictures from the keynote began to emerge before it ended. The pictures told the story. Jobs’ neck was about as thick as an iPod. His face was gaunt. The infamous black turtleneck hung on him like a drape and his jeans looked bunched, a classic sign of someone wearing pants too large for him.

“Oh no…” I mumbled.

While I run Windows machines at home (I’m a life-long gamer. Mac will never be a games platform until Microsoft ports DirectX to Mac OS, but that’s for another blog), my first computer ever was an Apple IIe. Steve Jobs is as much a part of my geeky teen years as Gary Gygax, Lord British, Tom Baker and Neil Peart.

(whoda thunk the rock star would be the most successful one of the bunch in 2008, Jobs aside?)

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