#Interop Application Delivery Controller Vendor Rumble

From the ‘Competitive Differentiation‘ files:

LAS VEGAS — Who is the leader in the application delivery controller space? And what’s the difference between all the different vendors?

Based on my experience watching a panel of vendors at Interop from Citrix, A10, Cisco, Brocade, Crescendo and F5 – it’s not an easy question to answer.

All the vendors tried to bring up things at various points during the panel which may be areas of difference – but time and again after discussion the other vendors would chime in to say they did the same thing.

In a show of unmatched bravado – Kenneth Salchow senior technical marketing manager at F5 claimed that F5’s difference is that they are market leader. He added that fundamentally it’s all about ensuring that applications are delivered properly.

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