#Interop Boxing and Wireless Access Points

From the ‘Strange Things from the Show Floor‘ files:

LAS VEGAS — When you come to an networking show you don’t expect a boxing match to break-out do you?

Well that is unless you’re at Interop, where for the second year in a row wireless networking vendor Xirrus setup a real boxing ring – and had real fighters.

Yes it caught my attention (again). It’s a neat ‘gimmick’ but it works from a marketing point of view. From a tech perspective, they try to get across their message about wireless access points vs. a wireless array – though I’m not sure how successful they are.

Personally I still think their is room for both wireless deployment approaches, but I’m not about to jump into the ring to prove my point.

Pic: Xirrus ring at Interop (credit: Sean M Kerner)

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