Interop: Skype for business stats

From the ‘interesting stats‘ files:

LAS VEGAS. Though Skype as a business might not have worked out for eBay, Skype for business apparently is doing well.

That’s the message delivered in a keynote session at Interop today by

Stephan Oberg, 
GM and VP of Skype for business.

Oberg said that Skype is not just a consumer tool, bur rather  as employees get more tech saavy and they bring the tools they use at home into the workplace. It’s all about the  consumerization of IT.

The most interesting part of Oberg’s presentation from my point of view was not the business case for Skype but rather some of the stats from Skype’s own research on how people are using their service.

According to Oberg:

  • 35 percent of Skype users say they use Skype in a business setting.
  • 20 percent use Skype video for business purposes.
  • 70 percent say they use Skype for business while traveling.

Interesting stats for sure, though I’m not sure how those stats will translate into additional revenue growth for Skype, though the business usage numbers are encouraging.

Photo: Stephan Oberg Credit: Sean Michael Kerner

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