Interop : Using Microsoft to Monitor Unix and Linux
From the ‘strange things you see in Vegas‘ files:

I’m sitting in the main keynote hall at Interop where Microsoft’s Bob Muglia (Sr VP server and tools) and  Barry Shilmover (Senior Program Manger System Center Cross Platform) just finished the first part of the afternoon keynote session.
Guess what?

You can now use Microsoft to monitor/manage Linux and Unix servers as well as open source databases and webservers. Even more surprising is the fact that Microsoft is using open source to enable their management of open source servers and applications. It’s all part of the new Miicrosoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 with cross platform extensions.

The key enabling technology is the WS-MAN Web Services standard which is available in open source implementations.

Shilmover showed a live demo of Microsoft’s tool actually managing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and a MySQL database server. To be honest I’ve never seen anything like it before —  Microsoft demonstrating how it can manage Linux and Open Source technologies.

Shilmover’s demo solicited a quick quip from Muglia too which I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at.

“I can’t say you should run this many non-Windows servers
in your environment,” Muglia told the Interop crowd. “But if you do we want you to run Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to manage them

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