Introducing Software’s Sublimation

Everything’s changing, but in new ways.

Or maybe not so new. What was grid computing and ASP and on-demand computing is now the cloud. What was outsourcing and crowdsourcing and nearsourcing is now an ecosystem or a matrix of partnerships.

As software changes form, hardware sublimates, turning instantly from a solid into a cloud. Business structures are also becoming less solid. Companies no longer stand alone. Vertical integration is gone, replaced by all those partnerships.

Hardware is designed by one company, made by another, and becomes a component in a third’s appliance.

That appliance is adopted by a reseller who puts it into their data center and sells the result as a service.

This blog is about change. Look at it once and it may appear to be sudden. Look at it again, keeping in mind the rapid pace of the Internet, and we can see that some change is gradual.

Through the historical record archive and breaking news provided by sites like, we can drill down to what interests us and construct a history, however short, that explains the change that’s happening today.

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