Introducing the blank keyboard

If you find yourself constantly looking down at the keyboard, then you may want to avoid the Das Keyboard Ultimate. Or you may want to get one.

The German company Das Keyboard (German for “The Keyboard.” Very original) has two ruggedly designed keyboards, one with the lettering on the keys (Professional) and one without (Ultimate). The textless version is specifically for people trying to improve their typing skills by taking away the main speed bump, constantly looking down at the keys.


Instead, the keyboard forces people to learn to type by tactile feel and learning to position their hands properly. No more two finger typing by looking down and pecking out words one index finger at a time.

Just like the Shamwow being hyped on basic cable channels, Das Keyboard touts its German-designed, complete with gold-plated mechanical key switches (on the keyboard, not the Shamwow) to create a “distinct click” with each keystroke. It also has two USB 2.0 ports, a black surface with blue LEDs, and a two meter (about six and a half feet) USB cable.

The Das Keyboard (is it redundant when you use a definite article in two languages?) sells for $129, with or without the lettering.

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