IPv6 Added To Root DNS Today

Big day for IPv6 today.

IPv6 takes a major step forward towards reality today with AAAA records for IPv6 addresses added to four of the key root DNS servers that power the Internet. IPv6 AAAA records are a key resource record type for storing IPv6 address information on DNS servers.

What it means in laymans terms is that you can potentially have a pure IPv6 to IPv6 internet experience over the public internet infrastructure. As far as I know before this you could only do IPv6 though dual stack IPv4/6 gateways or if you were on a Tier 1 backbone end to end.

AAAA for IPv6 on root DNS servers is the first step toward having a worldwide IPv6-capable DNS system. There is still a lot more work to go and it will be interesting to see how this all scales. Nonetheless having IPv6 addressing available on these key root DNS servers is a major milestone for IPv6

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