IPv6 mandate hits U.S. government today


By end of day today all U.S. government agencies are supposed to be IPv6 compliant to meet an OMB mandate that was announced back in 2005.

This doesn’t mean that the government will be running IPv6 throughout its infrastructure — but it does imply a degree of IPv6 readiness. That is the government’s networking infrastructure will be proven capable of supporting and transmitting IPv6 across its entire backbone.

It’s a big day for the U.S. government but as I wrote over on the main InternetNews.com site in a commentary piece — IPv6 for mainstream U.S. enterprises is still not a reality, not by a long shot.

Still today is a milestone date and one that moves the U.S in the right direction. How much more the government will do to accelerate IPv6 adoption both for itself and American enterprises will be very interesting to see in the weeks and months ahead.

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