IQNavigator attacks new verticals

Any company that has had 33 consecutive quarters of revenue growth has to be doing right. For IQNavigator and John Raeder, Jr., its president and CEO, that would be offering software as a service, or SaaS (define).

The company has offered a SaaS platform for private markets (a concept not unlike what Ariba was designed to offer) since its inception in 1999. I has adapted to market conditions, helping companies manage hiring sprees during the boom, helping them manage outsourcing and the SLAs attached to outsourcing initiatives (such as offshore call centers) from 2001 to 2005, and it is now helping companies manage their most valuable contractors, the lawyers and consultants.

“Companies know their head count, and they know the amount of money they spend on PCs, but they don’t know what they spend on services,” Raeder told “There is no software or team assigned to manage the delivery of services.”

IQNavigator helps companies make sure that services contractors are adhering to their SLAs by incorporating those rules into its software. In addition, it offers a double-blind benchmark, allowing companies to see whether they’re getting as good a deal as their competitors.

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