Is SCO finally dead? Maybe, maybe not.

From the ‘Living Dead‘ files:

Is the SCO case really over?

Groklaw seems to think so..but with all due respect to Pam Jones, this isnt the first time they’ve declared SCO dead and the case over.

SCO has lost at least three major judgments in as many years and yet here we are in 2010 still talking about them. The company is bankrupt and yet still there they are, like the terminator you can keep blowing up SCO, but it keeps coming back. With the most recent decision in March, many of us thought that was the final straw.

Personally, I won’t think that the SCO affair is over yet. I’ve seen this before, SCO loses a case and the tech media declare them dead.

So when will I personally consider SCO to done?

Well, if within the next three months there are no more appeals or motions, .I might be ready to actually believe that its all over.

Then again, with Novell on the auction block..this might all begin again if Novell’s new ownership — whomever that might be — takes a different view than Novell’s current ownership.

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