It’s The Dating Game, Silicon Valley Edition

Greetings and welcome, I am your host, Andy “Wink Martindale” Patrizio, welcome to this round of the Dating Game, Silicon Valley Edition. Now this is not a show dedicated to finding a date for more than an hour for overpaid Java programmers with a whole lot of options. Nosiree, this is finding the idea luuuuv match for their company.

See, it seems to me if we leave it up to the firms to make their own decisions, they do it badly. I mean really, would you pay $1 billion for a company that did $50 million in business? Or buy a company with which you have absolutely no synergy whatsoever?

Since we can’t leave this up to the MBAs, we’re going to put it in the more capable hands of a guy who took six years to get a four-year degree. And now, let’s meet our first two contestants.

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