Java Founder Gosling going to Google


From the ‘Ex-Sun Employee‘ files:

Google’s Java credibility is about to get a major boost.

James Gosling, the creator of Java is now a Google employee.

Gosling was among the many former Sun employees that were not happy with the new Oracle ownership. Gosling left Oracle in April of 2010 and has been looking for a home ever since, as far as I can tell.

One of the major things that has changed over the course of the last year is the fact Oracle is now suing Google over Java. How that will now play out with Gosling at Google will likely keep journalists like me very busy over the coming months and likely years to come.

“One of the toughest things about life is making choices,” Gosling wrote in a blog post.” I had a hard
time saying “no” to a bunch of other excellent possibilities. I find it
odd that this time I’m taking the road more travelled by,
but it looks like interesting fun with huge leverage. I don’t know
what I’ll be working on. I expect it’ll be a bit of everything,
seasoned with a large dose of grumpy curmudgeon.”

Will Gosling help drive Google’s efforts on the JCP (Java Community Process) for Java 8 and beyond? I sure hope so.

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