Java Release Numbering Gets Re-Numbered

From the ‘What’s in a Number’ files:?

Are you confused by the recent spate of Java SE updates?Java

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

While Oracle has diligently been updating Java for security flaws (and some features too) in recent months, it has been hard to keep track of version numbers. Oracle is not introducing new nomenclature that might make it easier or harder, depending on your perspective.

The plan is to increment security update numbering differently than limited update functionality releases. Security updates will increment in odd numbers while the limited feature releases will increment in 20’s

So here’s the boxscore:

The next Limited Update for JDK 7 will be numbered 7u40, and the next 3 CPUs after that will be numbered 7u45, 7u51, and 7u55. The next release will be a Limited Update 7u60, followed by CPUs 7u65, 7u71, and 7u75.

Frankly, I was kinda/sorta ok with the n+1 numbering scheme. I understand the reasons why Oracle is taking a new approach and am cautiously optimistic that it will reduce confusion, instead of expanding it.

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