JBoss CTO leaving Red Hat

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From the ‘good luck and fare thee well‘ files:

JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey is leaving Red Hat. Labourey had been at JBoss for the past eight years, nearly three of which were under Red Hat’s ownership. Labourey’s departure comes over two years after JBoss founder Marc Fleury left Red Hat in 2007.

Times are good for Red Hat if its most recent financial results are a good indicator. But it seems as though Labourey is just ready to move on and take life a little slower too.

“So, why am I leaving now? ” Labourey wrote in a blog post. “Well, JBoss is kicking and well alive. Sales are booming, the product pipeline is full and new talents are energizing our ranks. We are now 33 months after the acquisition of JBoss by Red Hat and it is fair to say it is a great success.”

Labourey notes that he’ll still be available to Red Hat as an advisor, beyond that he plans on doing nothing for the next six months.

This isn’t quite like Marc Fleury leaving — he clearly didn’t have a role that he wanted under Red Hat and this isn’t like the meltdown at Sun with MySQL execs (Marten Mickos and Monty Widenius among others) running to the exits.

JBoss in my opinion has been a real boon to Red Hat since its acquisition
in 2006 for $350. Labourey has stuck around and has been a part of the
continued evolution and growth of JBoss inside of Red Hat. Eight years
is a long time in the tech business (especially today) and it’s clear
to me that Labourey is leaving on his own good terms with Red Hat.

So good luck to you Sacha, hope you find the next six months peaceful.

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